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Aramid Yarns(ALKEX®)

Aramid fibers, short for aromatic polyamide, are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers

Aramid yarn is a high-functioning super
fiber with five times the tensile strength
of steel and flame resistance.

A super fiber developed with
our proprietary technology
that is widely used in
various industrial sectors

Also known as the “Golden yarn” due to its light golden color, aramid yarn is used for bulletproof vests and flame-resistant clothing to prevent loss of lives and accidents with its strength and fire retardant properties that even bullets can't go through.

It is suitable for “protection” and “reinforcement” due to being sturdy yet lightweight and durable yet flexible that it could even be qualified to make capes to protect superheroes in movies.

Hyosung Advanced Materials makes immense efforts in diverse ways for stable supply and market expansion of the super fiber we have developed which is widely used in various industrial sectors, including defense, automobiles, communication, and construction.

About the Products

  • Aramid

    Aramid yarn, a high-strength fiber, is mainly used as a powerful reinforcement material in safety equipment, bulletproof vests, aircraft, automobiles, etc. It excels in heat, chemical resistance, friction and physical impact, possessing exceptional mechanical stability and durability. Additionally, it has a low density and high tensile strength, effectively contributing to its lightweightness and increased stiffness.

    Particularly, the para-aramid produced by Hyosung Advanced Materials is used in bulletproof vests, helmets and protective gloves due to its high strength. This demonstrates excellent ballistic and armor solutions making it stand out not only in general industries but also in the defense industry.


  • Fabric
    Aramid yarn is used as a core material of bulletproof vests and helmets, armored vehicles, and protective gloves to minimize the loss of lives and harm from guns. It is also used in other industrial areas including aerospace, automobiles, and sporting goods.
  • Staple, Spun Yarn
    The staple is a raw material for making spun yarn. Industrial gloves made with aramid yarn provide protection from the dangers of working with sharp objects or hot objects.

    Because it provides high tensile strength and durability, it is used as sewing thread for mattresses as well as in the production of industrial ropes and cables.
  • Protection
    Utilized as a key material in bulletproof vests, helmets, armored vehicles, protective gloves, etc., to reduce casualties and damage caused by firearms. It is also used across various industries including aerospace, automotive and sports equipment.
  • MRG
    Used as reinforcement in tires, hoses and belts, enhancing strength and abrasion resistance while providing high dimensional stability
  • Fiber optic cable and rope
    The strong tensile strength and lightweight properties of aramid reinforce fiber optic cables and ropes prevent damage during installation and operations.
  • Composites & construction
    Composite materials incorporating aramid are applied in plastic materials and concrete rebar, providing robustness and safety.
    * Rebar (short for reinforcing bar)
High-strength aramid yarn
made with Hyosung Advanced
Materials’ technology
  • ALKEX® logo

    Hyosung Advanced Materials presented “ALKEX®”, an aramid yarn brand, in 2009 after starting development with our proprietary technology in 2003.

    “ALKEX®” is a para-aramid yarn with five times the tensile strength of steel.

    The powerful tensile strength that even bullets can’t pass through and the resistance against over 500°C of high temperature are considered to be its advantages.

At the center of attention from
bulletproof vests to electric
vehicles (EVs)

ALKEX®, created from our proprietary technology,
gained praise at defense exhibitions such as “Milipol
Paris” for presenting bulletproof vests and helmets
made with high-tensile yarn.

Also as we face the super-connected 5G era, aramid
yarn’s “durable and strong” characteristics are also
being spotlighted as a material for fiber-optic cables
and are earning high interest in the EV industry that
focuses on lightweight parts, as it boasts strong
durability and resilience.

  • Growing demands in the
    bulletproof market

    There are increased demand for ALKEX® as it has been recognized as a core material for bulletproof vests and helmets, and armored vehicles.

  • The advent of the
    super-connected 5G era

    Aramid yarn is also spotlighted as a material for fiber-optic cable due to its “durable and strong” properties.

  • Securing a position
    in the EV market

    Aramid yarn is also actively used in Ultra High Performance tires for EVs and is beneficial for lightweighting parts due to its properties.

Focusing on R&D, production,
and service improvement

Hyosung Advanced Materials is not satisfied with just quickly responding to the growing demands for aramid fiber. We’re continuing research and development, production, and sales activities with a focus on observing what customers want.

Developed in 2003 with our
proprietary technology
and successfully
commercialized in 2009

Expanding production lines
in response to
consistently increasing

A solution provider winning
with diverse and


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