Body Shortcuts

Brand Strategy

Each business's brand aligns with the core values pursued by the entire company, maintaining “Safety and Comfort Solution” while being designed to fit each business unit’s environment and future direction.
Tire Reinforcements
- Fiber PU
Enabling Customer’s
Green & Innovative
Reinforcement Provider
Safety & Comfort
Solution Leader
A leader that drives changes
in the times through
constant innovation and
new product development,
refusing to be satisfied with
our current No.1 position
Tire Reinforcements
- Steel Wire PU
Total Steel Reinforcement
Solution Provider
Safety & Comfort
Solution Changer
A changer that creates new
market trends with products
that embody leading-edge
technologies in response to
upcoming changes in the
Aramid PU
Innovative Safety & Comfort Solution Provider
Safety and Comfort Solution Innovator for Future Lifestyle
Innovator driving innovation across industries from hydrogen storage tanks, wind turbine blades, aerospace, defense and more
TY / GST /
Interior PU
Global No. 1 in the automotive polyester industrial yarn market and market leader in differentiated polyester industrial yarn
Safety and Comfort Solution Designer
Based on core competencies like yarn production, designs solutions from thin to thick threads tailored to individual client demands

PU and eco-friendly product system

  • Tired Cords
  • Steel Cords
  • Bead Wire
Technical Yarn
  • Industrial Yarn
  • Airbag Fabric
  • Airbag Cushion
  • Car Mats
  • Commercial Carpets
Carbon Aramid
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Aramid
PU and eco-friendly product system
  • Circular economy products
  • Bio Products
  • etc.