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Evaluation System

Hyosung Advanced Materials' Evaluation System consists of four performance management
cycles: Goal Setting, Evaluation, Coaching & Feedback, and Performance-based Rewards.

Performance Management Cycle Hyosung Members
  • Performance-based rewards
  • Goal setting
  • Evaluation
  • Coaching & feedback
Work Attitude Evaluation

Every year, the behavioral requirements for each of the 15 working attitude items are evaluated.

By conducting multi-dimensional evaluations of working attitude items and receiving feedback using evaluation reports that include strengths and areas for improvement, we ensure fairness in evaluation.

Performance Evaluation

We encourage employees to voluntarily achieve their goals through clearly defined performance targets and growth directions that are established and shared transparently. Moreover, we encourage the employees through motivation provided by differentiated rewards and promotions based on their organizational mission and business activities.

Additionally, we aim to maximize performance by providing differentiated compensation depending on performance levels.

Rewards System Competitive Rewards

We ensure market competitiveness in compensation in order to attract and retain top talent.

Top Rewards for Top Performance

We operate a reward system that is correlated with both organizational and individual performance in order to achieve a performance-oriented work culture.

Compensation Structure
  • Base salary
  • Performance pay
  • Bonuses
Work and life balance
Expansion of organizational culture activities

We listen to the opinions of our employees and reflect them to achieve organizational innovation, creating a good working environment and a positive organizational culture.

Enhancement of communication

We strive to enhance communication both internally and externally by pursuing bi-directional communication through conversations with management and an internal bulletin board. Additionally, we have established and operate various channels to inform more people about Hyosung.


The promotion system evaluates the individual's achievements and whether they possess the qualities and capabilities required for each position by comprehensively assessing various fields such as personnel evaluation, rewards and punishments, foreign language proficiency, and leadership to determine promotion.


The talent development direction of Hyosung Group is to cultivate global talent to achieve value management through global excellence.
To achieve this, we have set spreading core values, nurturing leaders, and enhancing on-site capabilities as the mission of our training institute.

Spreading core values

We spread the core values, management policies, and desirable
attitudes and behaviors that employees should have to all employees.

Leadership development
Leadership training

Leadership training is being used as a strategic tool to develop and implement Hyosung's vision and core tasks. Therefore, various leadership development programs are provided for each level, aiming to foster team leaders and ultimately develop management leaders who will lead Hyosung.

Enhancement of
on-site competency

We aim to achieve global excellence in value management by enhancing the field capabilities of all employees through step-by-step training programs provided for each position, including sales, production, research, and management.

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