Body Shortcuts

Hyosung Way

Evolved into an organizational practice system
shared between the company and its members,
reflecting customer obsession management

Developed “Hyosung Way” based on which employee commitments (credo) were developed to enhance communication between
members and the company and to apply the Hyosung Way in changing times

  • Core values proposed
    by the company

    Value system that the company hopes all members will embrace

  • Programs and values
    that members and the
    company can share

  • Core values shared
    by members

    Value system that members can sincerely
    adopt as their own

Values that can motivate each member

Innovation and responsibility are values that require additional effort beyond the everyday routine of corporate life.
To reconcile these two values, new values that allow voluntary motivation of members must be introduced and executed.

Motivation elements related to corporate culture
Value related to fairness/
Transparent and fair
corporate culture
Motivational factors related to working environment
Values related to respect
and consideration
Consideration for the growth
of employees and support
for happiness
Values related to social reputation and values
Values related to ethics
and the environment
ESG, Eco-friendly, CSR

Establishment of Hyosung Way
and brand activity system

History of Hyosung Way

  • The evolution of Hyosung’s brand value system reflects the change of the company's goals according to its process of growth, social backgrounds, and sign of the times
  • At the point when Hyosung set its goal to transition into a “Global Top-tier Company” after overcoming multiple economic crises and internal and external issues while stabilizing existing businesses, the current value system, the “Hyosung Way” was established.
  • According to the development of a new brand value system for the Hyosung Group, society demands a new management philosophy founded under "Agile Promise" while succeeding the past values
  1. 1966 - 1977
    Birth of
    Establishment and efforts for market positioning of the holding company and its subsidiaries
    Industrialization Pioneering spirit of challenge and creation Respect for humanity

  2. 1978 - 1983
    Era of growth
    The company's leap and rapid growth in line with social growth
    Sincerity, Effort, Duty

    We aspire to become a leading company that contributes to national and social development by pursuing efficiency and innovation based on trust and hard work.

  3. 1983 - 1997
    Era transitioning toward maturity
    Commencement of a new paradigm in management, company division, securing stable competitiveness, and establishment of corporate culture
    Hard work, creative effort unity/solidarity

    We establish an autonomous management foundation and achieve group growth and development by uniting through close communication, increasing efficiency through on-site management, establishing strict discipline, and fostering a progressive corporate culture.

  4. 1997 - 2008
    overcoming challenges and advancement
    In the aftermath of the IMF financial crisis, the company underwent restructuring, consolidation, and optimization of operations to maximize profitability and performance.
    Value-creating management Professional management

    Maximizing performance based on a professional spirit

  5. 2009 - 2022
    Leap toward becoming a global corporation
    Formation of a new value system and management goals for global business leap and growth
    Global excellence, innovation, accountability, integrity

    We lead a better life for humanity based on the best technology and management capabilities.

  6. 2023
    Present era of enacting new innovations
    Focus on environmentally friendly technological innovations, hydrogen economy, ESG, venturing into new businesses,
    Question Mark Question Mark

    Agile Promise - We put the promise with our customers to innovate and build a sustainable future into action first.

and development of employee commitments (credo)

  • The Hyosung Way, the management philosophy of Hyosung, is the accumulation of the company’s directions and core values throughout its long business commencement and management history; it has been successfully operated as the company’s identity for a long time
  • While maintaining the core values built by Hyosung consistently, to enable new actions based on the new corporate brand identity, there is a need to connect the existing Hyosung Way with the core values of the new Hyosung Group brand identity and Hyosung Way and apply them to employee commitments (credo)
  1. Maintaining
    a Long-term
    Secured Identity

    spirit and
    corporate history

    philosophy and

    CEO message
    and key points

    Basic attitude of

  2. Reinterpretation
    of Core Values
    into a New Brand
    Value System

    Core Values

    Core concepts



  3. Hyosung Way and

Direction for developing Hyosung Way employee commitments (credo)

  • A structured activity system with specific expressions and content is needed to ensure the transition of defined core values to interactions with members and customers consistently.
  • To do this, there is a need to reinterpret the existing core values that Hyosung has in accordance with new concepts and diversified touchpoints.
  • The brand personality shapes the specific form of the appearance and attitude that the company presents externally by endowing the brand with personality traits.
  • Hyosung Way employee commitments (credo) serve to translate the core values of the brand into specific behavioral language, thus establishing a company-wide behavioral policy.
  1. Core Values
    Global Excellence
  2. Value Regeneration
    Customers (B2B/end consumers)

    Customer value

    Investors, Government

    Innovation value


    Social value

    Executives and employees(B2B / End-User)

    Internal organizational value

  3. Brand Personality
    Reinterpretation of brand principles with personality

    What is the image? What is the personality? What is the look and feel? What actions are taken?

  4. Hyosung Way employee commitments (credo)
    Concrete action principles for the embodiment of brand values and company-wide behavioral standards

Based on the newly reinterpreted values, what kind of appearance, activities, and relationships are pursued by employees?

Value Regeneration

Reinterpretation of existing values in Hyosung Way

To move beyond a result-oriented mindset from a corporate perspective, there is a need for role-oriented values that facilitate the creation of the process of change and success within society. Accordingly, we have reinterpreted the values of global excellence, innovation, accountability, and integrity as values that reflect changes in customers, the times, and values within society and the organization.


To succeed in the market
based on a global mindset
and expertise

Global Excellence

To pursue new challenges with a
positive mindset by removing non-
value added tasks in management


To have a sense of
ownership and complete
the task until the end


To achieve a fair and transparent
way of working by basing work
on fairness and transparency

Core Values
Striving for
for the Future
Recognized by global customers Global Excellence

Relentless efforts to achieve the highest level of change and innovation required in the lives of customers

Continuously pursuing change Innovation

Challenging new ways and facing difficulties boldly and overcoming them without side-stepping

With a vision for future society Accountability

Dedication to change and innovation, commitment to customers, and sustainable future

To create flexible synergy Integrity

Adapting to change and creating dynamic synergy based on mutual respect and trust, and resource allocation

Hyosung Way employee commitments (credo)

  • Global Excellence
    Global Excellence for Customers
    Hyosung aims to provide the highest value recognized by customers by understanding their desired best through their voices, based on a global mindset and the best technology and expertise.
    Expertise, excellence, customer-oriented, voice of the customer-oriented, global, top-notch, recognized, understanding
  • Innovation
    Striving for Innovation
    Going beyond innovation at the management level, we actively generate added value through change, and perform new challenges quickly and constantly to ‘secure competitiveness.
    Generating value, taking action, implementing, pursuing challenge, creative, new, improving
  • Accountability
    Responsibility for the Future
    Based on self-directed leadership that goes beyond authority and role, all members take responsibility for the promise of change, innovation, and sustainable future until the end.
    Self-directed, proactive, voluntary, future-oriented, responsible, contributing to society
  • Integrity
    Trust for Synergy
    Based on mutual trust and respect, resources are distributed to create synergy among all capabilities within and outside the organization, and a dynamic collaborative ecosystem is built by quickly adapting and responding to changes.
    Collaborative, co-creative, power-sharing, dynamic, happy, prideful, honest
  • Global Excellence Innovation Accountability Integrity
    Existing core values of Hyosung Way
  • Customer value Customer Oriented

    Innovation value Striving for Innovation

    Social value Responsibility for the Future

    Internal organizational value Flexible Synergy

    Reinterpretation based on a new brand concept
  • What are the ways to deliver the
    best value to the customer?
    What are the ways to create innovation
    within/outside the organization?
    What actions should be taken to take
    responsibility for the future and society?
    What are the ways to create flexible
    synergy based on trust within the
    Action based on the concretized Hyosung Way
  • The brand code of conduct outlines specific actions that we will take to create and consistently communicate the brand values we aspire to achieve.
  • In other words, the way a brand behaves toward customers, internal organization, society, and innovation when it faces them as a single entity acts as a key keyword in the code of conduct.
  • Therefore, the key question of “How will Hyosung reinterpret ‘Excellence/Innovation/Responsibility/Trust’ in light of the new concept?” is central to the Hyosung Way employee commitments (credo).

Hyosung Way
employee commitments (credo)

  • Global Excellence Global Excellence for Customers
    Agile changes to deliver the
    best value to customers

    We are experts in producing the best results that customers want and acknowledge, based on a global perspective, the best technology, and expertise. To pursue the best value, we practice the following:

    1. We prioritize the voice of the customer above all else.
    2. We consistently deliver valuable products and services first and foremost.
    3. We prioritize delivering valuable products and services first and continuously.
    4. We do our utmost to be recognized as the best from the customer's point of view.
  • Innovation Striving for Innovation
    We create global competitiveness
    with a global mindset.
    We quickly and continuously take on new challenges to move beyond innovation that simply reduces waste to innovation that creates tangible added value. To move more agilely towards innovation, we practice the following:
    1. We continuously learn to create opportunities for new competitiveness.
    2. We boldly practice better ways to respond to change.
    3. We prioritize practicing innovation first and foremost with a positive mindset.
    4. We do not fear challenges for innovation and take them as opportunities for feedback.
  • Accountability Responsibility for the Future
    Utilizing the business's impact on
    customers and society
    We take responsibility for our promises to customers, society, and a sustainable future by demonstrating proactive leadership beyond authority and role. To fulfill our responsibility for the future, we practice the following:
    1. We, as experts, take ownership of our work and lead the way.
    2. We always keep our promises to customers based on responsibility.
    3. We consider the impact of our technology on society and the environment.
    4. We value the sanctity of life and do not compromise on safety.
  • Integrity Trust for Synergy
    Communication and growth
    through a flexible team culture
    Based on the values of mutual trust, respect, collaboration, and communication, we create synergies between human and material resources inside and outside the organization. To create synergy based on trust, we practice the following:
    1. We pursue organized teamwork based on shared goals.
    2. We recognize each other as we are and support each other's growth.
    3. We communicate more concisely, transparently, and broadly.
    4. We collaborate with more stakeholders, based on respect and trust.