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While many promise innovation and talk about the
distant future, not many speak about what that
innovation promises us right now

In an era where changes surrounding us are happening faster and more complexly, in an age of uncertainty where no one can guarantee that tomorrow will be the same as today, directionless innovation and innovation that cannot solve today's problems are nothing but empty promises.

In a situation where everyone urgently needs to implement changes to keep up with the times, innovation must be delivered to customers first and must provide value in their lives.

For over 70 years, Hyosung has invested in the fiber and chemical industries, heavy industries, and future industries. Beyond being a company that prepares for the future by supporting the backbone of the industry behind the scenes, Hyosung now boldly challenges industries that will change the future, ranging from hydrogen and energy to new materials and IT. Our goal is to lead the way in delivering on our promises to our customers and providing the innovation that is necessary in the lives of humankind.

We aim to create changes that fulfill our promises with our customers beyond just delivering the best value. We take responsibility for the impact of technology on the Earth we live in and our future. Through flexible and proactive teamwork, we strive to achieve greater synergy, and face challenges and difficulties without shying away from them to drive future innovation.

We prioritize our commitment to customers who hope to be at the forefront in the future and hope for a sustainable tomorrow. Hyosung aims to become the global No. 1 innovative solution provider leading the era of transformation.


Agile Promise
Agile promises to our customers


Be the First to Practice the Innovative & Sustainable Future for Customers


Global No. 1 Innovative Solution Provider to Lead the Transformation
Global No.1 Innovation Solution Provider to Lead the Transition


Customer Value
  • Responsively addressing customer needs and feedback, striving toward goals
Social Value
Responsibility for the Future
  • Based on the responsibility of technology shaping the environment, society and the future
Internal Organizational Value.
Flexible Synergy.
  • Makes decisions rapidly, grows and secures synergy based on a flexible team culture
Innovation Value
Striving for Innovation
  • Embracing new challenges and not being afraid of difficulties or failures in pursuit of innovation


Promising the Future Today
Hyosung promises tomorrow first.

Hyosung promises tomorrow first.
Hyosung also dreams of the future for all generations who will live today and tomorrow, as well as for our customers.

Until now, tomorrow has always meant a better day than today for us. But for future generations, tomorrow is under threat, with environmental concerns and other various problems.

Hyosung is committed to preserving the potential of the earth with passion, developing new materials and technologies for it, enhancing the cleanliness of energy, and constructing infrastructure and ecosystems to maintain it, so that tomorrow can always mean "a better day.”

Hyosung is developing technology and testing possibilities today for a tomorrow that every generation can enjoy.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the future of all humanity comes sooner and shines brighter.

Promising the Future Today