Body Shortcuts

Brand Strategy

New Safety & New Comfort
through Future Materials
World drawn by advanced materials
based on leading technology
Discover New Safety
and New Comfort through
Future Materials
Providing benefits of new dimensions to
reflect changes in business environments
and demand of the times
As the scope of work expands
and materials develop,
we pursue future innovation in
new businesses.

For Hyosung Advanced Materials,
the future is not just about technological advancements or changes in the market.

The future envisioned by Hyosung Advanced Materials is a safe one.
For Hyosung, safety means ensuring that our end products are safe for use as a basic requirement,
as well as ensuring the safety of our workplaces, protecting the lives of users from accidents,
safeguarding society from risks, and protecting the environment from harm,
all to ensure the safety of people's lives.

Beyond the safety you imagine,
Beyond the safety and comfort you expect,

Beyond your expectations,
Hyosung Advanced Materials creates everything that is ideal.

New Safety, New Comfort