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Brand Strategy

The value that Hyosung Advanced Materials offers is the value of safety and comfort to end-consumers, and reliability, consistent quality and product variety to customers

Beginning with the establishment of the tire reinforcements plant in Ulsan in 1966, Hyosung Advanced Materials has maintained its solid position in the chemical fiber industry for over half a century, and expanded to the production of carbon and aramid, the materials of our dreams. This achievement was made possible by Hyosung Group's 'technology to develop the world's best fiber'. The uncompromising advanced technology is the company's DNA, its lifesource, and the pride of its members with the greatest sense of pride.

Technological prowess is a core value for the company, and also the evolution of the industry. It is the vital competitive advantage and a driving force for sustained
growth that we continuously seek to further develop.

Core DNA of Hyosung Advanced Materials’ current creation

Quality consistency
Product diversity
Ability to
Technical Leadership
Hyosung takes great pride in our technology. We were also the first company in Korea to introduce a technology R&D institute
Technology has been the core of our business and the driving force behind our growth.
Hyosung Advanced Materials has reinterpreted the values of safety and comfort it pursues
to reflect changes in the times, consumer preferences, and industrial environment.

The company must continue to strive to become a pioneer in setting new standards
for safety and comfort that are fundamentally different from those of the past.
An innovator creating new standards for safety and comfort
A company that realizes sustainability through a new level of future materials

Sustainable Future-
oriented Values

Sustainable, Eco-friendly

Securing position as a leading enterprise in creating social value by proactively responding to the changing business trend of environmental, social, and customer friendliness

Consumer Value

Better Safety & Comfort

Pursuing safety throughout the ecosystem, from workplace health and safety and chemical risk management, to the safety of local communities and climate change, beyond simply enhancing the safety of final products

Expansion Value

Expanding to New Advanced Materials

Expanding to business sectors where advanced material technologies are required

Hyosung Advanced Materials' driving force
The New Safety & New Comfort experienced by users
Through Technical Leadership for Future Materials