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Hose wire that can withstand high fatigue and tension for performance of a hydraulic hose
Quality standards from the customers’ perspective

Quality factors that affect the processability when used by customers are verified through rigorous tests before release, and we provide reliable products to customers as we manage production processes by taking into account the physical properties when used by customers.

Provided in various specifications needed by customers

We have a lineup of various wire diameters from 0.250 mm up to 0.800 mm. We are taking a leap to become a partner with a stable supply and reliable quality based on our techniques to optimize physical properties desired by customsers by specifications.

About the Products

  • About the Products

    A hose wire is a wire used to make high-pressure hoses. It is knitted in a spiral pattern and then covered in rubber to produce hydraulic hoses.

    We have various solutions available to be used for hoses with the smallest diameter of 0.25 inches, 3-inch spiral wrap hoses, and various thermoplastic hoses.


  • Hydraulic/pneumatic system
    High-pressure hose wires must have outstanding durability and pressure resistance in hydraulic/pneumatic systems as well as have a high tolerance against impact and vibration while maintaining liquid flow.
  • Automotive brakes
    The hose wire used in automotive brakes is critical as the hose transfers brake fluid between the brake hydraulic compressor and brake pads.
    It also helps to endure strong internal pressure.


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