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Production technology

Production technology

Production Management

The staff members who are in charge of production management operate the production process in the optimal state to ensure that products that are optimized for customer needs and meet quality standards are produced reliably and on time, based on our technological expertise that leads the global market. Furthermore, they aim to maximize the efficiency of production as a whole by improving the production process to enhance cost competitiveness, in order to secure competitiveness demanded by future markets.

Quality Assurance

The staff members who are in charge of quality assurance perform quality inspection and improvement of products produced in domestic and overseas factories, and manage international quality standards based on global quality, safety, and environmental standards. They achieve uniform quality through regular management and support of business partner companies and ensure customer satisfaction by taking prompt and accurate improvement measures in case of customer complaints or claims, based on international quality standards.

Machine/Electrical Maintenance

The staff members who are in charge of machine/electrical maintenance maintain and provide maintenance for production equipment and electrical/distribution equipment to keep them in optimal condition, and identify problems with existing equipment to maximize its capability and improve it. In addition, they design and install new machinery when establishing or expanding domestic or overseas factories to stabilize the process in a short period of time.

Utility Management

The staff members who are in charge of utility management operate and maintain the power, environmental, and utility facilities necessary for the normal operation of production equipment to improve process efficiency through energy conservation and emission reduction activities.

Environmental Management

The staff members who are in charge of environmental management manage and operate environmental facilities such as air pollution prevention facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and waste disposal facilities, and minimize the negative environmental impact of business activities through the management of hazardous chemicals.

Safety Management

The staff members who are in charge of safety management establish and manage safety standards for workplaces that comply with environmental safety regulations, and manage production sites and construction work sites to prevent potential accidents.



Domestic Sales

The staff members who are in charge of domestic sales set sales goals to maximize the company's profits and offer and sell products to domestic tire and automotive parts manufacturers, various industrial product manufacturers, and interior agents, and manage customers.

Overseas Sales

The staff members who are in charge of overseas sales understand the needs of global customers, and produce products at optimized global production bases to provide differentiated value-in-use (VIU) to customers and contribute to the company's revenue generation.


The staff members who are in charge of marketing conducts thorough and detailed market research to explore new markets and understand competitors' trends to achieve sales targets. They also develop various marketing strategies to secure new customers by carefully analyzing their needs.

Technology Sales

The staff members who are in charge of technology sales propose differentiated products that meet the needs of customers and maximize the company's value, and manage the task of introducing new products to customers and obtaining their approval, as well as managing customer complaints, based on their expertise in products and technology. Additionally, they maximize customer satisfaction by expanding customer interactions through differentiated solution proposals for each customer.

Management support

Management support

Strategic Planning
(PG/Strategy Office)

The staff members who are in charge of strategic planning establish the vision and goals of the business to ensure the sustained growth of the company and present various management strategies to the management team to achieve management objectives and enhance existing business capabilities. They also perform various management-related tasks, such as proactively responding to business risks.


The staff members who are in charge of management and planning perform accounting, management, and investment tasks. They carry out accounting tasks consolidating global financial statements and preparing financial statements. The staff also perform management tasks that analyze the company's financial status including profit/loss, quality, cost, and SG&A expenses to check and support effective achievement of business goals. Investment tasks that make decisions on investing in new businesses, acquisitions; and new global production facilities to drive business growth are also one of the key roles of the staff.


The staff members who are in charge of personnel/training manage human resources efficiently through recruitment, evaluation, personnel management, and establishing healthy labor-management relations, and operate training programs to help employees grow into talented individuals with business capabilities to operate global businesses. They strengthen the competitiveness of individuals and organizations through education programs.

General Affairs

The staff members who are in charge of general affairs create an optimal working environment where Hyosung members can freely demonstrate their abilities with a sense of ownership and passion, by organizing various events and managing tangible and intangible assets of the company.

Public Relations (PR)

The staff members who are in charge of public relations' role involves both external PR activities such as promoting the company's management and social contributions through various media outlets and internal communication activities such as sharing the company's values and culture with employees through internal publications and broadcasts.


The staff members who are in charge of finance mainly perform financial tasks such as raising and executing funds necessary for corporate management activities, disclosing information internally and externally, preparing financial statements, and reporting settlement information, accounting tasks providing financial information internally and externally, and tax tasks including reporting corporate tax, value-added tax, and other related taxes.

Legal Affairs

The staff members who are in charge of legal affairs support employees in performing their duties in accordance with laws and internal regulations. They manage legal risks that may arise in the company's activities, provides legal advice in the event of legal disputes, and performs litigation and arbitration tasks.


The staff members who are in charge of procurement are responsible for procuring quality raw materials at competitive prices in a timely manner to produce the highest quality products.

IT Management

The staff members who are in charge of IT management plan the digital innovation strategy for each business field, develop systems to promote smart factory automation, and implement digitalization, automation, and secure intelligence of production base systems.

New Business Development

The staff members who are in charge of new business development conduct market research and establish strategies to discover new business ideas, and then drive new business development by promoting and implementing these ideas.



Research Planning

The staff members who are in charge of research planning analyze R&D trends of the industry, select the medium to long term R&D directions of the research institute, and manage patents and overall technology.

Materials Research

The staff members who are in charge of materials research perform research tasks to continuously improve the stability and quality of products by analyzing the characteristics of materials produced by Hyosung Advanced Materials, such as tire reinforcing fibers and wires, aramid, and carbon fibers. They also work toward securing differentiated core technologies unique to Hyosung Advanced Materials.

New Standard/New Product Development

The staff members who are in charge of new standard/new product development develop new products with customized and unique specifications tailored to customers' needs, and premium products that offer value to customers. They also conduct joint research with clients to develop products that are suitable for their demands and needs.

Process Technology Research

The staff members who are in charge of process technology research are responsible for developing new process technologies to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase production efficiency.

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