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Founded in the chemical fiber business, Hyosung Advanced Materials has
made relentless challenges and achievements to grow as a global leader.
This is how we achieved innovation in the process.

Continuous growth
and challenges

Towards a
global leader


  1. Dec - Attained “EcoVadis Gold Rating”
  2. Nov - Receives letter of commendation from the Minister of Trade
  3. Oct - Acquires ISCC PLUS with its eco-friendly materials
  4. Mar - Take part in BIS summit 2022 anti-corrupt


  1. Oct - Activated the expanded Aramid production line in the Ulsan factory
  2. Sep - Signed an agreement for sale of land, buildings, and ancillary structures in the Eonyang factory
  3. May - Decided to invest in carbon fiber production line expansion at the Jeonju factory
  4. Apr - Signed a long-term carbon fiber supply contract with Hanwha Solutions


  1. Dec - Awarded the best grade by CDP for global efforts to cope with climate changes
  2. Nov - Daejeon Plant acquired ISO 14001 certificate
  3. May - Capacity expansion of the aramid production plant; signing of an investment agreement with Ulsan City Inauguration of Polyester Industrial Yarn Plant (Jiaxing, China)


  1. Dec - 'Recognition as a corporate contributor to the local community; awarded a recognition plaque (selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Association of Social Workers) Awarded the 500 Million Export Tower Award during the 56th Trade Day Commemorative Ceremony
  2. Aug - The Jeonju plant held a signing ceremony for the new investment agreement on carbon
  3. Apr - The Jeonju plant began the expansion of the carbon fiber production line.


  1. Dec - Received a commendation for excellent volunteer service in 2018 from the Seocho City Office Certified as the Best Family-Friendly Management of 2018 by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  2. Nov - Established a new tirecord manufacturing unit in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
  3. Aug - Expansion of carpet weaving capacity in Qingdao, China Held the joint corporate - IR session, “Corporate Day” Expansion of nylon tirecord facilities in Vietnam
  4. Jul - Hyosung Advanced Materials was listed on the KOSPI (July 13)
  5. Jun - Hyosung Advanced Materials was established (June 1)


  1. Sep - Built a facility for production of yarns for carpets within the Ulsan Plant site Created an organization devoted to substantiation of smart factories Completed a new GST factory in Torreon, Mexico
  2. Jun - Established Smart factory in Vietnam factory


  1. Mar - Completed a factory for automotive carpets in Qingdao, China


  1. Dec - Opened an incubator for carbon startups within its Jeonju site
  2. Nov - Concluded an MOU with Jeonbuk on support for nurturing of specialty businesses
  3. Aug - Expanded its GST site in Romania
  4. Mar - Awarded a prize for innovation at JEC 2015, the world's largest fair for composite materials Launched a factory in Dong Nai, Vietnam


  1. Nov - Recognized at Korea's technology awards with TANSOME® and selected as a provider of one of Korea's top 10 new technologies


  1. Dec - Received an internationally accepted 'Carbon Balloon Labe Certificate' in tire reinforcement
  2. May - Completed a carbon fiber plant in Jeonju Commercialized high strength and intermediate modulus carbon fiber (TANSOME®) that it had developed first in Korea
  3. Apr - Completed a GST factory in Changshu, China


  1. Aug - Acquired a stake in Petite Textiles (GST)
  2. Jun - Became the first in Korea to develop high performance carbon fiber based on its proprietary technology Concluded a long-term agreement with Goodyear of U.S. on supply of steel cord worth $1.8 billion and acquired two production plants

Towards an
industry leader


  1. Aug - Commercialized aramid yarn (ALKEX®)
  2. Mar - Launched a plant for automotive carpets in Decatur


  1. Jul - Launched a tirecord plant in Vietnam


  1. Mar - Goodyear (the US) signs $3.2 billion long-term contract/acquires 4 production plants


  1. Jul - Michelin (the US) signs $650 million steel cord contract/acquires a production plant
  2. May - Completed the construction of a polyester industrial yarn plant (Jiaxing, China)
  3. Jan - Endorsed as a manufacturer of world class product of Korea with 'yarn for tire reinforcement'


  1. Dec - Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU completed a steel cord plant in Qingdao, China
  2. Jul - Textile research institute and Technical Yarn PU became Korea's first to develop vinyl fiber PVA
  3. May - Hyosung Innotech PU developed S-GREEN, eco-friendly material for interior finishing
  4. Apr - Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU completed a tirecord plant in Jiaxing, China


  1. Dec - Developed PEN tirecord Developed Lyocell tirecord
  2. Oct - Established Hyosung Steel Cord Qingdao (Qingdao, China)
  3. Sep - The Ulsan Plant of Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU became the first in Korea to receive ISO/TS 16949 : 2002 certificate
  4. Aug - Established Hyosung Chemical Fiber Jiaxing (Economic Development District, Jiaxing)
  5. Mar - Established the polyester industrial yarn production plant, Hyosung Luntai Lianzi Jiaxing (Jiaxing, China) Opened Hyosung Tirecord (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing


  1. Nov - Michelin (the US) signs $650 million steel cord contract/acquires a production plant
  2. Jan - Won an international patent lawsuit for tire reinforcement materials (vs. Honeywell)


  1. May - Became the world's first to commercialize top end PTT carpet and received IR52 Jang Young Sil Award for it


  1. Jul - Had the world's largest production capacity for PET Tirecord


  1. Aug - Concluded an agreement with Tokyo Rope of Japan on transfer of steel cord technology


  1. Jun - Became Korea's first to develop nylon yarn for airbags
  2. Feb - Started to supply automotive option mats for the entire Hyundai passenger car line-up


  1. Jul - Tongyang Nylon Co., Ltd. expanded its steel cord production to 2,500 tons per month through SS-2 project Developed and started producing high strength steel cord for trucks and buses Developed and started producing high strength steel cord for trucks and buses
  2. Mar - Completed a tile carpet plant in Daejeon


  1. Jan - Tongyang Nylon's central research institute developed a antimicrobial and deodorizing carpet


  1. Dec - Commercialized Nylon 66 tirecord

Building a foundation
for chemical fiber


  1. Oct - Started production of polyester low shrinkage yarn and commercialized nylon high tenacity yarn
  2. Apr - Tongyang Nylon opened an office in Eonyang (currently Steel Wire Technical Center)


  1. Dec - Started export of option mats for automobiles to ITOCHU Corporation of Japan


  1. Dec - Sold over 100 billion won of tirecord a year
  2. May - Started production and sale of steel cord
  3. Apr - Completed production units for bead wire and steel cord within the Eonyang Plant


  1. Nov - Obtained quality assurance Q-Mark for Swan Carpet (from FITI Testing and Research Institute)
  2. Mar - Signed a technical alliance agreement for steel cord manufacturing with Okikuni Steel (Japan)


  1. Oct - Exported tirecord fabric manufacturing technology (to India)
  2. Jun - Achieved quality certification for high-strength bead wire (from US companies including Goodyear, Firestone, Goodrich)
  3. Feb - Tongyang Nylon completed production facility for BCF carpet


  1. Nov - Developed industrial yarns including yarns for tarpaulin and sewing thread
  2. Aug - Attained quality certification for bead wire (from US companies Firestone, General Tire)


  1. Apr - Started steel wire business for tire reinforcement
  2. Feb - Became Korea's first to commercialize PET Tirecord


  1. Oct - Became Korea's first to develop PET Tirecord


  1. Jul - Became Korea's first to develop BCF yarn for carpets


  1. Apr - Received quality certification from Goodyear


  1. Apr - Received quality certification from General Tire, Goodrich and Yokohama


  1. Jul - Tongyang Nylon received quality certification for its tirecord from Firestone


  1. Jun - Independently achieved world-class production of high-strength tirecord yarn through proprietary technology


  1. Sep - Southeast Asia became the first destination for the company to export its tirecord


  1. Jun - Became Korea's first to produce tirecord


  1. May - Completed a tirecord plant in Ulsan