Body Shortcuts

Brand Strategy

Hyosung Advanced
Materials' identity persective

Establishing identity from the following four perspectives: maximizing existing core competitiveness,
close connection with Hyosung Group, alignment between business areas and customer needs, and reflecting the zeitgeist.
Key elements are technology leadership, innovation for humanity,
pro-active partner and leading solution provider.

Strengthening the core competitiveness of Hyosung Advanced Materials
Technology Leadership
Inheriting Hyosung's DNA, the best technology that does not compromise quality
Synergy in connection with the Hyosung Group
Innovation for Humanity
Restoring Hyosung Group’s people-centered legacy and firmly establishing its position as an innovative representative enterprise within Hyosung Group.
Connecting our history, customer needs, and values
Proactive Partner
Actively collaborating with customers and offering proactive solutions and technology leadership based on a deep understanding of manufacturing processes
Incorporating societal values beyond product benefits
Leading Solution Provider
Expanding business upstream and downstream while aligning with contemporary values such as environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Core keywords of Hyosung
Advanced Materials

Reflected into the
establishment of our identity

We have derived our brand essence with a focus on strengthening
our ultimate core values, in light of changes in the times,
consumer values, and business expansion.
New Safety
& New Comfort
A company that offers previous unimaginged new levels of safety and comfort through unparalleled
technological prowess and constant innovation
No. 1 Technology
Inheriting Hyosung's technology DNA with uncompromising quality
The core of Hyosung Advanced Materials' newly established
brand identity system is that it is a future materials company
that provides new dimensions of safety and comfort.
Brand Mission
Realize New Sustainability through Future Materials
Brand Vision
The Innovator of New Safety and New Comfort
Brand Essence
New Safety, New Comfort
Core Identity
Future Oriented
Brand Slogan
Discover New Safety and New Comfort through Future Materials
Hyosung discovers the safety you envision and the comfort you desire (through future materials).

Hyosung Advanced Materials Revisioning
Internal/External Communication Concept

The Material
from Future

We aim to apply cutting-edge technology
to our Future Materials

to offer a new level of safety and comfort.

Equipped with Hyosung's technology DNA, we solve current challenges with Future Materials, expand the boundaries of advanced materials, and offer value that stakeholders, customers, and end-users have never experienced before.