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Carbon Materials

Carbon fiber, stronger than Steel, yet lighter

We meet the needs of the changing industries and customers by developing and
commercializing carbon fiber, a new material, in addition to the existing industrial
yarn (polyester and nylon).
Carbon fiber developed by Hyosung Advanced Materials’ own technologies has
ultra-tensile properties and the potential to be applicable in various industries.

A leap to become a global top-tier player

Hyosung Advanced Materials secured product competitiveness in the carbon fiber market in just a decade after the TANSOME® development.

With a goal of preempting the high-pressure vessel market and using it as a foundation, Hyosung Advanced Materials aims to leap forward as a global top-tier player.
To achieve this, we will dedicate ourselves to research and development, technological innovation, securing stable supply chains and providing customer satisfaction services.

About the Products

  • Standard modulus
    carbon fiber

    Standard modulus carbon fiber is an ultra-tensile product with excellent manufacturing characteristics for fabric, prepreg, and filament winding processes. It is an all-purpose carbon fiber used in various areas including high-pressure vessels, cable cores, general industries, and civil engineering and construction.
    Standard modulus carbon fiber is available in 6K, 12K, and 24K filaments.

  • Intermediate modulus
    carbon fiber

    Intermediate modulus carbon fiber has a high tensile modulus compared to all-purpose standard modulus carbon fiber and provides balanced composite properties. Due to its high tensile modulus, it is used in various industries including aviation, space, green energy, and sports. Intermediate modulus carbon fiber is available in 12K and 24K filaments.

  • Ultra-high tensile
    carbon fiber

    Ultra-high-strength carbon fiber is used for products that demand exceptional tensile properties, boasting of a high tensile strength of up to 6,400 MPa. It is well-suited for products in the aerospace industry such as satellites and motor casings where tensile strength is crucial. Offered as a 12K filament product


  • High-pressure vessels
    Carbon fiber is used in high-pressure vessels (e.g. hydrogen, CNG) that must withstand high pressure. These vessels made of carbon fiber are highly durable even when filled repeatedly.
  • Aerospace
    Carbon fiber is used in interior and exterior materials of commercial aircraft and satellites due to its superb lightweight and durability.
  • Cable cores
    Carbon fiber is used in cable cores for efficient power transmission.
  • Wind turbines
    Carbon fiber is used in wind turbine blades, a renewable energy source, to enhance power efficiency.
  • Sports & leisure
    Products with the characteristic of being lightweight yet capable of expressing high rigidity are utilized in sports and leisure areas such as tennis and badminton rackets, skates, snowboards and fishing rods.
  • General Industry
    With excellent heat resistance, conductivity and durability, it finds application in various industries such as solar thermal insulation, ships, oil and gas pipes, etc.
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
    Gaining attention as construction and reinforcement materials that reduce the amount of concrete required while enhancing stiffness and durability
  • Automotive
    Used diversely in automobile chassis components, wheels, panels and interior materials to meet requirements for being lightweight, stiffness and durability.
Carbon fiber, an alternative to
steel made with Hyosung
Advanced Materials’ technologies

    Hyosung Advanced Materials jumped into the development of proprietary technology by focusing on the future value of carbon fiber and successfully commercialized TANSOME® in 2013, the first carbon fiber in Korea.

    The weight of carbon fiber is a quarter of steel with ten times the tensile strength and seven times the resilience of steel. These properties allow application to various areas including high-pressure vessels, automobiles, wind power, aerospace, and sports/leisure.

    We plan to increase our market share by continuing research and development and to expand the production scale up to 24,000 tons per year by 2028.

    We will change the lives of humanity for more convenience by opening the “carbon fiber era” through our endless efforts.

Carbon fiber, a new
material of dreams

Carbon fiber is known as “a new material of dreams” as it can be used for all products and industries that use steel due to its excellent durability, corrosion resistance, conductivity, and thermal resistance.

Carbon fiber consists of more than 92% carbon. Although its weight is only 25% of steel, it has ten times the tensile strength and seven times the resilience of steel.

Due to these advantages, Hyosung Advanced Materials’ carbon fiber is widely used in areas closely connected to our lives.

  • An exemplary
    lightweight material

    Using carbon fiber in interior and exterior materials of aircraft and automobiles can save fuel where lightweight is essential and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Superior corrosion-
    resistant material

    Carbon fiber is used in wind turbine blades, a renewable energy source, to enhance power efficiency. Due to its superb corrosion resistance, it can also be used in solar insulation and building reinforcements.

  • Strong durability

    Carbon fiber is also used in high-pressure vessels (e.g. hydrogen, CNG) due to its strong physical properties that can withstand high pressure.

  • Material with
    high versatility

    Due to its lightweight and sturdiness, carbon fiber can easily be seen in sports and leisure products, including fishing gear, golf clubs, tennis rackets, bikes, skis, and snowboards.


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