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Industrial Yarns

High-Performance technical yarn for
applications that require specialized
performance, durability, or functionality

More durable, stronger, and ultimately more
comfortable and safe!
Hyosung Advanced Materials, challenging the
limits to develop safer eco-friendly industrial
yarn for the pride that the development of
industrial yarn can enrich the lives of humanity

Qualified with production
technology for various
industrial yarns as a
textile company

With the belief that comfort and convenience in our lives can be achieved through the development of industrial yarn, Hyosung Advanced Materials continues to research and develop better industrial yarn and will strive with a sense of duty to make industrial yarns that protect people and provide comfort in our lives.

  • Automotive Seatbelts
    Providing optimized solutions based
    on trust through long-term
    partnerships with the number one
    component company in the world in
    the automotive seatbelt yarn sector.
  • PET and Nylon Yarns
    Polyester and
    Nylon Yarns
    The only company in the world
    producing polyester and nylon yarns
    for airbags and sewing threads
  • Eco-friendly Mobility
    Contributing to the development of
    eco-friendly mobility by developing
    and producing advanced eco-
    friendly materials
More durable, stronger,
and ultimately
more comfortable
and safe

Hyosung Advanced Materials has consistently contemplated and researched for the safety and comfort of our lives. Just as patience is needed to untangle the tangled threads, our perseverance is weaved into our lives like a thread that never breaks.

  • Seatbelts
  • Airbags
  • Sewing threads
    Sewing threads

About the Products

  • Polyester yarn for seatbelts
    Polyester yarn for seatbelts

    Our polyester yarn for seat belts has superb quality such as strict appearance management, excellent abrasion resistance, and dyeability, and is produced diversely including low denier yarn and black spun dyed yarn. Our product is recognized for its quality and technology and is supplied to the world’s leading companies.

    Airbag Yarn
    PET ㅣ Nylon-66

    Our airbag yarn is “ultra-tensile” to protect the human body even in high explosives. It also has “high elongation” that withstands force and expansion from an explosion and outstanding “thermal resistance” that blocks high-temperature heat.

    Ultra-tensile polyester and nylon 66 yarns are used for airbags as high tensile strength is required. The thickness and tensile strength of fabric can be adjusted depending on the size, shape, and use of airbags.

    It is important for yarns to comply with international quality certification standards to ensure quality and safety. Hyosung Advanced Materials produces the best airbag yarns based on our long-standing trust with automotive and auto parts companies. In response to customers’ demands for low cost, we developed the first PET yarn for airbags in Korea based on our constant research and development and yarn production expertise. We supply them to replace nylon 66 yarn for airbags.


  • For seatbelts
    It is used in all types of seatbelts from compact cars to large trucks and plays a crucial role in the safety of passengers in case of an accident.
  • For airbags
    It is used to make airbags to prevent injuries from falls in vehicles as well as bicycles and motorcycles and to protect riders against the impact of accidents.

About the Products

  • Sewing thread
    Sewing thread
    PET ㅣ Nylon-66

    Polyester and nylon 66 yarns have excellent properties of outstanding durability, resilience, and drying quickly.

    Polyester is mainly used in clothing and bedding for being light, soft, and comfortable on the skin. It is also used to make various bags.

    Nylon 66 is often used in sporting goods as it is strong against friction and has excellent durability due to its high tensile strength.

    Hyosung Advanced Materials produces various denier yarns to cover numerous products including dope dyed yarns. We are the only company producing both polyester and nylon 66 yarns.


  • Shoes
    Because they dry fast and are resistant to humidity, polyester and nylon 66 are great materials to maintain the durability of shoes. They are used in inner and outer fabric and shoelaces for athletic shoes or sneakers. Nylon 66 is particularly suitable for outdoor shoes such as tracking or hiking shoes as it has lightweight and superb thermal resistance properties.
  • Clothing
    PET ㅣ Nylon-66
    Polyester is often used to manufacture sportswear, raincoat, beachwear, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Polyester is appropriate for sports and active activities due to its high durability and quick drying characteristics.

    Nylon 66 is used in various products including casual clothing, luxury clothing, sportswear, and accessories. It is especially used often in clothes or activewear that may have strong friction since it has excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Its lightweight and thermal resistance makes it also suitable for winter coats or outdoor clothing.
  • Furniture
    Polyester and nylon 66 are used in fabrics for sofas, chairs, and benches. They are also used as filling material for cushions and mattresses. They could be used in the legs and armrests of furniture as they are lightweight and have excellent thermal resistance.
  • Camping gear
    Polyester yarn is used to make camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Nylon 66 is used to make vinyl tapes and carriers.
    Camping gear
The only manufacturer of
both nylon and polyester
in the world




    Hyosung Advanced Materials entered the high-functional industrial yarn in 1985. We presented nylon 66 airbag yarn for the first time in Korea and developed a nylon 66 yarn for high-tensile sewing to be used extensively in clothing and shoes.

    This wasn’t enough for Hyosung Advanced Materials which successfully developed the polyester yarn based on the yarn production know-how.

    This allowed us to become the only company in the world capable of producing both nylon and polyester yarn.

Seatbelts, No. 1 in global market share

Seatbelts that are essential for safety are also known as life belts. Webbing (a strip) that forms the seatbelt is made with polyester yarn,
and Hyosung Advanced Materials is ranked no. 1 in the global market share for this sector.

Advantageous in ensuring
the safety of passengers
in accidents due to the high
tenacity of yarn

Maintains consistent fastness
and abrasion resistance even in
repetitive use over time

Produces various products
such as warp yarn, weft yarn,
binding yarn, and black
spun-dyed yarn

No. 1 in global market share,
supplying to world’s leading
companies after being
recognized for quality and

High tenacity “sewing thread”
reaching the world

Hyosung Advanced Materials supplies polyester and nylon 66 sewing threads to customers across the world that are
used for various purposes including clothing, shoes, and industrial use.

  • Recycled PET sewing thread

    Recycled PET sewing thread

    Hyosung Advanced Materials developed recycled PET sewing thread made with plastic bottle wastes and supplies the product to manufacturers of well-known sports brands.

    Fine denier yarn

    Fine denier yarn

    Hyosung Advanced Materials developed fine denier yarn that is thin but boasts high tenacity. Most companies are hesitant to produce sewing threads due to low production compared to investments. But we took on this challenge with the mindset that “there will be an opportunity along the path not taken by others.” Now we are headed toward being ranked first in the global market share by expanding our factories in China.


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