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Brand Strategy

Hyosung Advanced Materials' green flagship brand represents our commitment to ESG values, leveraging synergy effects with Hyosung Groups' ESG branding. It is developed based on a tangible form rather than general and abstract concepts, reflecting our ultimate goal of technological excellence.
Focus on fundamental
principles in ESG
Connection with
Hyosung Group ESG direcitons
(Reply to Every
Generation’s Future)
Tangible environment-friendly
business form
Tangible environment-friendly business
Long-term & Systematic
Ultimate goal of
our technology
Ultimate Value for
Our Customers,
and Ecosystems

Based on the ESG fundamental philosophy of designing a better future together,
Ultimately possessing the capabilities that the industry aims for,

Systematically, proactively establishing the direction of advanced materials
utilizing the current and future capabilities that we possess

Hyosung Advanced Materials' strategy for its green flagship brand
focuses on the direction of the circular economy and carbon neutrality
in line with the group's ESG strategy.

Hyosung Group's 4 ESG pillars

Circular Economy

Establishment and leadership of ecosystems aimed at achieving zero waste in the circular loop from plastic raw materials to final products


Technological agenda aimed at achieving net zero by minimizing carbon emissions from production processes and manufactured goods

New Energy

Establishment of infrastructure for energy transition to clean energy such as hydrogen and renewable energy

Reduction of Harmful Substances and Conservation of Resources

Philosophy and design technology centered on minimizing energy and resource use and reducing harmful substances throughout the entire production and operation cycle

Hyosung Advanced Materials aims to use eco-friendly technological
innovations, such as recycling and bio-materials, to manufacture and
implement products as close to nature as possible. We strive to use
natural materials as they are, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Using less harmful substances
Recycled & Bio Materials
Active use of recycled and bio materials
Development of eco-friendly biomimetic engineering and new materials that imitate nature

“Implementing eco-friendly
technology and products,
starting with eco-friendly

Brand Mission
Future Material Technology Closest to Nature
Brand Vision
The Innovator of Future Materials for Every Generation
Brand Essence
New Safety, New Comfort
Core Identity
Team UP
Act Together
Endless Challenge
Think Big
Brand Name
RE:GEN Future Materials
Brand Slogan
Reply to Every Generation's Future

Responding to the future of every generation